My Life in Africa and the Grabber X3

Having used General Grabber X3’s for the past 3 years they have taken me on many adventures and thousands of kilometers of varying terrain. Terrain that includes the snow in peak winter of the Sutherland mountains, the soft desert sand of the Karoo, the rocky hill climbs in the Northwest and Mpumalanga, the harsh sharp rock areas in the Tankwa as well as the infamous deep sandy tracks of the Kalahari in Botswana.

When I first put the Grabber X3’s on my vehicle I never realised that a tyre change on a vehicle could boost your confidence to the extent it has. I travel for a living and worrying about my tyres and if they are suitable for the job is literally no longer a concern, I know they are.

Two major trips stick out in my mind the most, a Kalahari crossing from North to South where low pressure is required but needs to be managed carefully with temperatures souring into the high 40’s and low 50’s as well as harsh tracks that are known as tyre eaters. With a vehicle as heavily laden as mine is low pressure driving can often lead to failure but the Grabber’s held firm at pressures of 0.8bar due to the robustness of their sidewalls and aggressive tread patterns. While others had punctures on this trip I was not even thinking about my tyres and if/when they would fail as I simply knew they wouldn’t.

Another trip through the Tankwa Karoo, known infamously as the tyre eater in South Africa, showcased the durability of the Grabber X3. These tyres handled the Karoo and gave me the confidence I needed. All other vehicles were at some point or another on a jack replacing with a spare except us, again the Grabbers came shining through. The vehicles that were on that trip with us all now run the General Grabber X3’s. We’ve done many subsequent trips to the area as the same group and no one to date has punctured again.

-Roland Rau

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