Bushpig Adventures and the Grabber AT3

I have a set of Grabber AT3’s on both our family vehicles, a VW Caravelle 4Motion and my JAC T8 4x4.

As an avid camping family, we head off to all sorts of places which are off the beaten track towing our Jurgens Xplorer Caravan. We fitted the General Grabber AT3’s to the Caravelle just after purchasing the vehicle to allow us better and safer off-roading capability. The Grabbers have been fantastic for us.  The tyres have allowed us to reach new places reliably, comfortably, and most importantly, safely. If it wasn’t for the tyres, we wouldn’t be able to go too far off-road. Their superior grip and water displacement have made my family feel safe and secure no matter what the conditions.

In the 4x4 world, traction is everything.  The only way up and over an obstacle safely, is to have all 4 wheels on the ground gripping with all their might and the General Grabber AT3’s certainly do this for me. With the General Grabber AT3 fitted to my stock standard JAC T8 4x4, in certain competitions my vehicle has been one of the only vehicles to conquer certain obstacles first time. You only have 4 handprints in the sand, make sure they are the right ones.

-Marcus Oshry

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