My Life in Africa

Experience our Life in Africa- Make it yours too.

My Life in Africa came to life from the desire to travel and to be able to provide quality travelling experience to others. This is a young enthusiastic company who have centred themselves with the correct partners to be able to provide and deliver the best experience possible.

The tours offered allow those to experience Southern Africa and its beautiful ruggedness, while still offering some luxury along the way. A little won’t hurt, will it? My Life in Africa’s tours are family-orientated and caters to all, old and young.

The unique guided self-drive in Southern Africa focus specifically on South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. The routes and destinations have been selected to maximise the experience In the given timeframe. To offer more of a personalised experience the number of people on each tour has been limited.

Experience virtual tours too. They also create and provide online travel videos to clients. This young and dynamic family run business loves the outdoors specifically overlanding adventures. Our business is our passion, and our passion is our business.

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