Clare Vale

Brand Ambassador

Clare Vale

Clare Vale - General Tire

Clare represents the General Tire Brand via the SupaDrift Series which she participates in. Her vehicle of choice is an ex-circuit racing Ford Mustang that has been extensively modified for the demands of drifting. Clare generates plenty of interest in the media within this sport – it is not the kind of motorsport that one expects to find a very competitive lady racer with an extremely well-prepared car and the support of a professionally run team.

In 2017 Clare was a monthly contributor to SA Hotrods Magazine and has also appeared in Forbes Magazine (2016).Clare and her husband Don have even commissioned professional photo shoots such as this one, to add value to her social media following. A SA Hotrods and Forbes article are attached to this pack for reference. Again, please follow Clare on her Facebook and Twitter account for more detail and history.




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