Alan & Joe

"When it comes to ‘great off-road tyre’ and ’18” rims…’ most 4X4 aficionados will declare that it’s simply an Oxymoron. I thought so too… until I purchased a set of General Grabber AT3’s. The tyre truly provides the best of both on my Discovery 4 XS. It is super quiet on the road and provides plenty traction on asphalt be it wet, or poorly surfaced. But that’s obviously just where the Grabber get’s started… recently I found myself in a sticky situation in the Timbavati. Overnight, in excess of 140mm of rain came down and the dirt roads towards Hoedspruit turned to mud ruts with all the Safari Vehicles safely escorting tourists out, as only 4X4’s were allowed access. The Grabber’s kept us on the track, and safely down the road with minimal loss of traction or control. We crossed rivers, deep sand paths as well as rocky terrain. I’ve done about 18 000km on my Grabber’s and they still look brand new, looking forward to the next adventure and many more kilometres with the confidence of these tyres on my vehicle."

Alan Shenton

"I'm not a motorhead kind of guy & I'm definitely the last guy you'd call when you need something fixed, but I'm slowly getting to the point where I know what's good for my vehicle. I didn't really know how much tyres could make a difference to the feel of the ride and how having a great set of tyres would drastically change the ride of my truck. Since having the General Grabber's on my Ranger I've noticed a significant difference in the "smoothness" going over rough terrain. Kind of feels like I now glide over obstacles much easier than in the past. I'm not condoning driving over potholes but it does seem to be much less of an impact when I do encounter them along the way. I've found a lot more confidence overall in my vehicle due to the fact I've got proper tyres, thanks to the Grabber :) Think about it....would you tackle rough terrain with just an average pair of shoes? I didn't think so."




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